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Disputes Involving Companies

Business Disputes solicitors dealing with Commercial Dispute Resolution in Dorset

There are a variety of disputes that arise in relation to corporate matters and companies. Those include disputes between shareholders, disputes between directors and disputes between shareholders and directors.

The above types of dispute call for a variety of work to be undertaken, including:-

  • Director disqualification proceedings;
  • Claims by shareholders against directors (derivative actions and associated applications);
  • Disputes between shareholders including proceedings under Section 994 of the Companies Act 2006 in relation to winding up a company on grounds that it is just and equitable to do so;
  • Disputes arising out of the acquisition or sale of shares in a business or a business outright;
  • Actions against directors relating to failure to act appropriately in the course of their office/duties, including malfeasants claims (where company directors are in breach of their fiduciary duties by failing to account properly for the assets of the company);

Actions arising in the context of insolvent companies (wrongful and/or fraudulent trading, preference transactions or transactions at an undervalue or which otherwise defraud creditors).

In applicable cases we work with our Commercial Department as well as utilise our numerous close ties to associated professions such as accountants, forensic accountants and/or insolvency practitioners to ensure a complete review of each particular case with a view to determining the best course of action in particular circumstances of each matter.

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