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Contract Disputes

Contract Law

Business Disputes solicitors dealing with Contract Disputes in Dorset

Contract disputes occur in both commercial and personal spheres. Each particular contract will need to be considered in the context of its own particular set of circumstances, particularly where a dispute regarding the agreement has arisen.

In some instances, no written contracts are in place and in other circumstances even where there is a written contract, terms which are implied into those contracts by statute also need to be considered before determining the best way forward.

It is often possible to deal with contract disputes in early course through the exchange of information and by highlighting various issues and claims arising from any dispute, particularly where there is a clear breach of the contract terms.

Before commencing proceedings, evidence will need to be obtained to assess the merits of your position and then determining the best course of action and considering the consequences of the action to be taken.

Invariably, where there has been a breach of contract, the aggrieved party will seek damages which are aimed putting the innocent party in the position they should have been had the breach not occurred. Damages are not aimed at penalising the party in breach of contract.

In certain circumstances, it may be best to consider alternative dispute resolution, e.g. mediation or arbitration, rather than issuing proceedings through the courts, however in either case, we will be able to assist you to consider the appropriate course of action.

We can assist with pursuing or defending claims involving contracts, including the following types of contract:

Consumer contracts

  • Contracts relating to the sale and supply of goods and services

Commercial contracts

  • Business sale and purchase agreements,
  • Shareholder agreements,
  • Franchise agreements,
  • Contracts relating to the sale and supply of goods and services
  • Breaches of employment contracts.

Landlord & Tenant

  • Recovery of rent arrears,
  • Dilapidations,
  • Lease renewals
  • Breach of lease covenants and termination of leases (forfeiture, surrender, etc)

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