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Partnership Disputes

Business Disputes solicitors dealing with Partnership Disputes in Dorset

Disputes between partners occur for any number of reasons. Those include where a working relationship between existing partners breaks down or where one or other of the partners wishes to leave the partnership or is otherwise being compelled to do so by the existing partners for some or other reason.

Personality clashes are often central to these disputes, it is imperative that early advice be sought in relation to rights of individual partners (whether pursuant to a partnership agreement or, if there is no such agreement, under the Partnership Act 1890) so as to ascertain as quickly as possible the most appropriate way forward so as to minimise any adverse affects on any ongoing partnership business.

We assist partners involved in small businesses through to advising partners of larger professional firms, and will be able to assist you in dealing with the fine detail of such disputes, including retirement or expulsion issues, valuing partnership shares and partnership assets.

We actively seek to resolve disputes as early as possible and without the parties having to become embroiled in time consuming and potentially costly litigation. As such, we assist our clients throughout settlement negotiations using alternative dispute resolution measures where appropriate.

If court proceedings are required then our team will be able to assist you with presentation of your case as fully as required.

Where necessary, we work together with our Commercial Department and if required, utilise our various links to other professions that may assist in resolving issues such as accountants, valuers and/or insolvency practitioners.

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