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Intellectual Property Solicitors

Intellectual Property Solicitors

Disputes & Litigation solicitors dealing with Intellectual Property Disputes in Dorset

This wide and varied field requires specific advice in the context of each particular matter whether that be in relation to protection of:

  • an invention, a literary, artistic work or design.
  • brand protection of trade names and trade marks.

Sometimes third parties infringe on the intellectual property or the goodwill of a business or individual by suggesting that their products or services are those of the actual provider. In those circumstances advice regarding passing off may also need to be considered, by which action to the courts may be required to obtain an injunction to prevent any unlawful use from continuing and/or compensation in the form of damages covering the period of unlawful passing off or use of trade names or marks.

Our solicitors at Coles Miller will be able to assist with disputes relating to copyright, design right, trademark and passing off.

It is often the case that immediate action is required to protect an individual’s or a business’ intellectual property interests which often occur in the context of contracts of employment as well as the above-mentioned ways.

We also assist clients with domain name disputes which have become more and more prevalent. If someone is using the name of a product, invention or other work conceived by you or is using a personal or business name as part of their own domain name with the effect of redirecting clientele to a competitor then we will be able to assist you with a dispute regarding a domain name and/or recovering a domain name if necessary.

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