A Blinding Idea4th Jul 2012

by on 4th Jul 2012



BROADVIEW Blinds in Poole are campaigning for better awareness about the child-safety features available for blinds.

“Broadview have long made customers aware of blind safety, but now we want to broaden that message to as many people as possible,” says Tina Loveland of Broadview Blinds.

“We are pushing home the safety benefits of cord cleats, electric operated blinds and easy break connectors - it is important to take these safety precautions if you have small children.”

Like other seemingly innocuous household items, unfastened blind cords can be dangerous to small children.

“I am aware of a number of cases where children have become entangled in blind cords with very tragic consequences that could so easily have been avoided, ,” says David Simpson of Poole solicitors, Coles Miller.

“As a parent with three young children of my own I commend Broadview for taking the initiative and making such positive steps to raise awareness of blind safety features.”

As part of their campaign, Broadview Blinds are offering new customers free child-friendly modifications.

“Like any responsible company, we make customers aware of safety features before they purchase our products and if they opt for such features we will provide them free of charge,” says Tina Loveland of Broadview Blinds.

“However, if clients who decided not to take us up on these safety options have had a change of mind or a change of circumstance, we will offer them the modifications for cost price - simple safety cleats cost just £1.

“We also have a range of devices that will suit blinds supplied by other companies, should people wish to upgrade these to the safety standard we strive for.”