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Debt Recovery Solicitors Secure Nearly £10 Million For Clients11th Mar 2014

by Eric Holt on 11th Mar 2014

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Our debt recovery team is poised to celebrate an important milestone – over recent years they have secured nearly £10 million on behalf of their clients.Eric Holt - Solicitor, Coles Miller

Needless to say their clients are very happy!

Debt recovery is a wonderfully satisfying business. We resolve issues cost effectively for clients and also get to hand our clients money, often at very little cost to them (if any).

And we don’t mean simply putting a cheque in the post. In a number of cases we deliver it by hand.

Our work is often enhanced by our being able to hand to a client money that has been recovered when they have given up hope of recovering anything.

It is very satisfying to watch their face light up with a big happy smile. Ask any of our team – it gives you a feeling that normally only Christmas brings.

We’re so good at collecting unpaid debts that other law firms in London use us to help with their credit control.

We find that working for clients in London can be very beneficial for us and for our clients because we believe we deliver a more personal and efficient service than many of our capital-based competitors – and charge significantly lower fees.

It’s a ‘no brainer’ that has made Coles Miller’s debt recovery team an excellent choice for major corporates and small and medium-sized businesses all over the UK.

Many of our debt recovery clients go on to use the other legal services that we provide for business, including company commercial, property, planning, dispute resolution and employment law.

Struggling to get paid? Don’t delay, remember the old adage – ‘strike now while the iron is hot’ as the longer you leave it the less likely you are to be paid.

Act now – for more information, contact Coles Miller’s Debt Recovery Manager Eric Holt, 01202 338844.