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How To Plan For School Holidays When You're Separated Or Divorced

Posted on Friday 6th June 2014 by Emma Hamilton Cole

Take your children on holiday in term time and you risk a substantial fine.Emma Hamilton Cole - Partner, Coles Miller

But that is precisely what’s happening to more parents as they defy the schools. Last autumn 5,300 fines were issued across the UK.

This issue is not going away. Pressure to toe the line is expected to ratchet up still further this summer.

And that’s going to make life even harder than it is already for separated and divorced parents desperately trying to juggle work and childcare commitments.

But we can help.

Our trained mediators can help you to plan ahead and agree stress-free arrangements that suit everyone. Especially the children who are the most important people involved.

It need not take long. Ninety minutes of mediation will go a very long way to sorting out issues that would otherwise continue to fester and cause difficulties.

Time is of the essence. The hot summer months are fast approaching – but it’s not too late to put in place sensible children arrangements that will stand you in good stead for years to come.

Above all, our mediators can help you to keep it out of court – saving you time and money.

For expert, friendly and sympathetic help with divorce, separation and children arrangements, contact Coles Miller family team on 01202 673011.

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