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Everything You Need To Know About Writing A Will - Podcast28th Jan 2020

by Lucy Hamlyn on 28th Jan 2020

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This podcast follows the interviewer's journey to find out all about writing a will and what happens if someone dies without making one

Lucy Hamlyn from Coles Miller Solicitors' Broadstone office provides the answers to the questions about the wills process and what you need to know before it’s too late.

We cover:

  • What happens if someone dies without making a will?
  • How do intestacy rules work?
  • Appointing a guardian for under-18s
  • Gifting specific items
  • How to protect vulnerable beneficiaries with a trust
  • Providing for cohabitees not covered by intestacy rules
  • Why people don't make a will
  • The costs of making a will
  • Mirror wills
  • When do you actually need to write a will?
  • Why you should use a solicitor to write your will
  • Where to store your will
  • How to make things easier for your executors 


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For more expert advice on making your will, contact Lucy or any solicitor from our Wills & Probate department.