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Obtaining Green Belt Planning Permission: Seek Expert Advice13th Aug 2014

by James Cain on 13th Aug 2014

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Housebuilders could be forgiven for thinking that it’s open season on green belt land – but any celebrations on their part would be premature.James Cain - Solicitor, Coles Miller

At a headline level, 15 new homes a day are being approved on green belt land.

But dig deeper into the latest report by Glenigan and you will see that 72 per cent of all applications for green belt planning permission relate to non-residential development.

And according to Housing and Planning Minister Brandon Lewis, development on green belt land is currently at its lowest rate since 1989 when the present form of records began.

Development is allowed on green belt land only in exceptional circumstances. And in a quarter of approvals, that means farm buildings.

Any housing built on green belt sites tends to be small schemes (often in-fill).

Applicants must show maximum sensitivity with regard to the scale of projects, materials used and the potential impact on the surrounding landscape.

Expert advice from highly experienced consultants is essential if you are to obtain planning permission in the green belt.

Especially as competition for sites is increasing.

As brownfield land becomes harder to find, more developers are being forced to look outside the towns – and target green belt sites they may previously have discounted.

For specialist advice, contact our Planning Consultant James Cain, 01202 673011.

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