How Long Does A Will Take?

How Long Does A Will Take? Not Long - You Can Get One Quickly Now2nd Sep 2019

by Anthony Weber on 2nd Sep 2019

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Life’s too short. You’re too busy to worry about your will. It’ll take ages…right? It can wait until you’re older…right? Wrong!

All the supposedly boring stuff – meeting a solicitor, sorting out the initial paperwork – is surprisingly quick. You can instruct one of our lawyers in your lunch break (or after work).

Leave the complex technical stuff to us. We’ll draft your will based on your wishes. Then at a second meeting we’ll explain it all in plain English. Then you approve and sign it. Easy as that.

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So Why Do People Think Wills Take Ages?

One suspects it’s an excuse for not taking that important first step…

People say they won’t make a will because they worry that the process will be long and tedious (even though it won’t). The truth is they just don’t want to think about dying.

But alas, none of us is immortal, so there’s no point getting hung up about it. 

And besides, thinking about your will doesn’t have to be morbid. Quite the opposite – you’re doing the right thing to ensure your loved ones will be secure.

Think of all the generous bequests you’ll be able to leave them. Think how your hard-earned savings will keep them safe and make their dreams come true!

And your last will and testament isn’t just about who’ll inherit what. You can specify your funeral arrangements in your will too.

Think about all the cool music you’re going to choose for your big send-off. Something poignant, something majestic – maybe even something loud that raises a few eyebrows!

How Much Of My Time Will The Solicitor Need?

Not much at all. Your first meeting with us usually takes less than an hour. So we can easily squeeze it into your lunch break. Or one evening after work if you prefer.

And – if mobility is an issue for you – we can visit you at home or in hospital to make it easier for you. Whatever works best for you.

How Much Paperwork Will I Have To Wade Through?

Very little – just the will and an explanatory note (in plain English).

We’ll spend up to a week drafting your will after you’ve met with us. After that, you’ll pop back for a second meeting (or we can come to you). We’ll go through the will together so you can be sure it’s exactly what you want. Then you sign it.

And that’s it. See…that wasn’t so time consuming was it?

What If It’s An Emergency And I Need A Will Immediately?

We can respond to emergencies very quickly indeed. Our experienced solicitors can draft a will at the bedside if need be – and have done so on a number of occasions over the years.

Not Every Fast Will Is A Deathbed Will

There are many reasons why people need a will in a hurry. Many clients who need a will fast are simply people going on holiday.

They realise (with days to spare) that they’re jetting off to a foreign country that may not be as safe as Britain. They begin to worry…what if something happens to them abroad?

Perhaps a news story about trouble in that country prompted this. Maybe the Foreign Office warned of increased risk.

This added risk is not serious enough to make the holidaymakers cancel their trip – but it’s enough to make them think about a will for added peace of mind. This scenario is not uncommon.

When Should I Draft My Will?

At the risk of sounding morbid – as soon as possible. Don’t worry, you’re not tempting fate by thinking about it.

Remember, none of us truly knows what life has in store for us. So it’s better to be safe and have a will. You can’t beat peace of mind.

By now you’ll know that a will is an important legal document; and that everyone should have one. Not least because we solicitors have nagged on about wills for years.

And with good reason…dying intestate (without a will) could leave your loved ones in a precarious situation – at a time when they’re least able to cope emotionally.

Sorry, But We Need To Talk About This…

If you’re still undecided, you should read the following government statistics for England and Wales. Apologies in advance but they make sobering reading.

Last year:

  • 6.39 per cent of males died aged 49 or under
  • 20.23 per cent of males died aged 50-69
  • 3.76 per cent of females died aged 49 or under
  • 13.55 per cent of females died aged 50-69.

Surprisingly large percentages, aren’t they? Think how many of these good people never made it to retirement – let alone a ripe old age.

Sorry, but those are the numbers.

On a brighter note, 14.65 per cent of men and 28.47 per cent of women lived beyond their 90th birthday! 

All these people had one thing in common (no matter when they died). They should all have had a will. 

And so should you…because life is too short.

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