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How Much Does Mediation Cost?19th Jan 2022

Mediation costs much less than going to court: you will save thousands of pounds.

It will also make sorting out your finances and children arrangements quicker and more amicable.

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Mediation Information And Assessment Meeting (MIAM) £100+VAT

The process starts with a Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting (MIAM). It’s held at a mediator’s office – not in a courtroom.

The aim of a MIAM is to find out from you what your case is about and whether it would be suitable for mediation. Coles Miller charges £100+VAT for this meeting.

Under the law, anyone applying to go to court to sort out children matters or financial matters must first attend a MIAM – unless there are safety or abuse issues.

This has been compulsory since April 2014. Find out more about MIAMS here.

Cost Of Mediation v Going To Court

Mediation with a qualified Coles Miller mediator costs £300+VAT per person for each 90-minute session.  And an hour-long session for easy-to-agree cases can cost just £150+VAT per person.

Only a few sessions are needed so it’s much cheaper than going to court:

  • Cost of using mediation to sort out children and financial matters  – £300-£1,500+VAT (depending on how many sessions are required)
  • Cost of going to court – £2,500-£10,000 (depending on the complexity of your case).

Reaching an agreement through mediation takes one to three months on average – compared with six to 12 months if your case has to go to court.

Mediation is also less stressful. So it is better for you and for your children.

You can reduce costs, reach an agreement quickly, have a chance to be heard and be in control of the decisions you make.

Going to court is expensive, lengthier and you are handing over the decision making to a third party judge.

Family Mediation Week 2022

It is a sad fact that January tends to see more relationship break-ups (compared with other months) because the added pressure of Christmas is often the final straw.

Family Mediation Week (January 17-21 2022) aims to promote the benefits of mediation in helping separating couples to take control and resolve matters together. It is organised by the Family Mediation Council. (FMC)

To find out more about mediation and how it can help you, contact Coles Miller Partner Richard Perrins, 01202 355698.