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How To Claim Compensation For Dental Negligence27th Apr 2017

by Chris Whittle on 27th Apr 2017

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Dental negligence claims can result in tens of thousands of pounds of compensation if implants are needed.Dental compention claims solicitor Christopher Whittle, a Partner at Coles Miller, Poole

Coles Miller helped one patient aged in her ‘60s to claim £60,000 in compensation after virtually all her teeth had to be replaced with implants. She had severe gum disease due to errors by her dentist.

You’re Not Suing The NHS

Many people are reluctant to take legal against the NHS. But you’re not suing the NHS when you claim compensation for dental negligence.

You’re suing your dentist. Not his or her practice. Not the health service. Just the one dentist who made the mistakes – regardless of whether they are NHS or private.

If you have been a victim of bad dentistry you will need compensation to put the mistakes right. You may require private dentistry.

Corrective dental work can be expensive – as much as £2,500 per tooth for dental implants.

Types Of No Win No Fee Dental Claims

Compensation claims for dental negligence are more common than you might expect. They include:

  • Accidents during cosmetic dental procedures (which include teeth whitening, porcelain veneers, composite bonding, inlays/onlays, contouring and reshaping)
  • Mistakes during crown or bridge work
  • Failed root canal procedures
  • Loose or poorly fitted dental implants
  • Unnecessary extraction of a tooth (or removal of the wrong tooth)
  • Orthodontal procedures which have failed to correct irregular teeth or caused further problems
  • Poor filling of cavities
  • Errors during gum surgery
  • Failure to treat gum disease correctly, leading to tooth loss or other medical consequences.

How Common Is Dental Negligence?

Our personal injury solicitors have noticed a rise in claims against dentists. These cases are more common than you might imagine.

We put the rise in cases down to a number of factors including:

  • Growing pressure on NHS dentists
  • The rise of national chains which tend to operate with larger caseloads for each dentist
  • The growing popularity of cosmetic dentistry – people are becoming more image-conscious and are undergoing newer types of procedures
  • ‘Over-extraction’ – there is a suspicion that it is cheaper (and therefore more profitable) for some dentists to remove troublesome teeth than it is to try and save them
  • People are now more willing to take legal action – rather than suffer in silence.

Find Out More About Claiming

For more information, contact Coles Miller Partner Chris Whittle, a personal injury solicitor who specialises in No Win No Fee dental negligence claims, 01202 355695.