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Increase In Delayed Diagnosis Claims

Posted on Tuesday 27th August 2013 by Lydia Barnett

Coles Miller’s clinical negligence lawyers are dealing with increasing numbers of cases of hospital patients being sent home with undiagnosed broken bones.Lydia Barnett - Solicitor, Coles Miller

NHS doctors struggling to cope with the rising influx of patients are missing fractures – leaving patients suffering ongoing pain and in some cases leading to permanent damage.

In one case, a warehouse worker in his 20s suffered a fracture in his wrist. The problem was not spotted on his first visit to hospital.

It was not until six weeks later on a subsequent hospital visit that his fracture was properly diagnosed.

But by then permanent damage had been done. He will never have full use of the affected wrist again and can no longer work in his present job.

He is entitled to compensation for clinical negligence – for the pain that he has suffered, for the lasting damage to his wrist, for the loss of earnings over his lifetime.

Compensation payments vary significantly in cases of delayed diagnosis, depending on the:

  • nature of the injury or condition
  • length of the delay in diagnosing the injury or condition
  • consequences suffered as a result of the delay.

Compensation can run to four-, five- and even six-figure sums.

Have you suffered because a doctor has missed an important diagnosis? Contact Lydia Barnett in our clinical negligence team to discuss your options.

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