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Mediation In Divorce Is The Smartest Way22nd Dec 2014

Two million pounds is a sizeable sum in real terms – even in today’s world of billionaire excess.Richard Perrins Partner Coles Miller

It is more money than most people will ever see in their lifetime.

So the idea of two multimillionaire septuagenarians blowing £2 million on legal fees in the divorce court seems utterly incredible.

Even more ludicrous is the fact that the sum they were arguing over was…£2 million.

Yes, you read that correctly. They took so long arguing in court (two years) that they spent all the money they were squabbling over.

It was a tragic waste of time, money and emotional capital.

But what is even more worrying is that this is not an isolated example: as divorce solicitors we are aware of other similar cases – albeit it on a much smaller financial scale.

If you go into the divorce court you may still lose something – even if you win. Combatants seldom survive a scrap without getting a few wounds.

Go to court and it will cost you much more time, money and stress than if you’d chosen mediation instead.

Choose mediation and you get to stay in control. You control events. You decide what will happen to you.

Choose the courtroom and you lose that luxury. The lawyers have control, the judge has control, the court has control. You do not.

Mediation also means fixed costs. Reassuringly predictable costs. That has to make it the smartest choice.

Compromise is the key to it all. Right from the word go.

Here’s the thing. Getting divorced means you’re not going to get everything you want. You’re going to have to compromise on something sooner or later.

So for the sake of your finances and your stress levels, it’s far better to be conciliatory and compromise from the start.

But what if the other side isn’t willing to compromise? What if they’re unreasonable, obstinate, rude, aggressive and petty-minded? (All the reasons you’re divorcing them).

Let’s put it this way – if going to court is unavoidable, who’s going to look better in front of the judge?

Make no mistake. Christmas is a very tough time of year for rocky marriages. Not for nothing is January known as divorce month.

But we can help. Talk to us. There are better solutions to your problems than simply charging headlong into an expensive courtroom battle.

For expert legal advice and a friendly and understanding approach to separation and divorce, contact Richard Perrins.

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