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Medical Cases Involving Children9th Jun 2014

by David Simpson on 9th Jun 2014

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Nine-day-old baby boy Yousef Al-Kharboush died in hospital after contracting a bacterial infection.David Simpson - Partner, Coles Miller

Twenty one babies (many born prematurely) have shown signs of blood poisoning in cases in 10 English hospitals.

No mere words can begin to describe the tragedy of what has happened to some of the smallest and most vulnerable members of our society.

All the children were being fed intravenously because they were unable to feed on their own.

Who is culpable for the death of Yousef and the blood poisoning of the other children?

Southwark coroner Dr Andrew Harris is treating Yousef’s death as “unnatural” but it is too early to attribute blame. An investigation involving the supplier of the intravenous feed is still in progress.

At Coles Miller we have a specialist team dedicated to helping people to discover what has happened to them following incidents involving the healthcare sector and its suppliers.

Around five per cent of the cases that our team looks into involve patients aged under 18.

Emotions always run very high in these cases because children are involved – but compensation damages can vary tremendously.

Where a child has developed a condition that will change the course of their life dramatically – such as cerebral palsy – the compensation can exceed £8 million. They will need specialist care around the clock for the rest of their lives.

But where a child has died, the compensation award may be very modest.

It is possible in certain circumstances for the parents to recover damages for recognisable psychiatric injury sustained as a consequence of what has occurred.

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