Emma Hamilton Cole - Partner, Coles Miller

Need For Injunctions Increases At Christmas27th Dec 2013

Injunctions tend to make headlines when they involve celebrities – such as One Direction singer Harry Styles keeping the paparazzi away to protect his privacy.Emma Hamilton Cole - Partner, Coles Miller

But for victims of domestic abuse, an injunction is about personal safety. In the most serious cases it can be a lifeline.

Sadly Christmas often means an increase in the number of people needing injunctions. The link with excessive alcohol consumption at this time of year is all too obvious.

Injunctions are one of the few areas for which Legal Aid is still available.

Also, courts can move very quickly to safeguard victims of abuse by granting injunctions when needed. At Coles Miller we have helped clients to take out an injunction on the same or next day.

We would always recommend that victims of violence contact the police immediately. That also applies to people who are being stalked or harassed.

Injunctions are court orders. Those who breach them risk arrest. But they can be challenged in court and we can also provide advice to those who are served with orders of this kind.

Injunctions are one of the specialist areas of work for Coles Miller’s family lawyers – along with divorce, separation, children arrangements, mediation and collaborative law.

For further information about obtaining an injunction, please contact the Legal Aid team at our Poole office, 01202 673011.