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Why You Should Keep A Personal Injury Diary17th Jul 2013

by Adrian Cormack on 17th Jul 2013

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Helping a loved one to cope with life-changing personal injuries is far more difficult than you could possibly imagine at the start.Adrian Cormack - Partner, Coles Miller

But you naturally put your own life on hold and rush to their aid. You’re always there for them – so much so that you forget how much time it involves.

And yet it’s very important to note down how much time you spend every day.

You need to keep a diary.

Even if you’re not thinking of making a personal injury claim now, you still need to log down each day what you did to help your injured loved one.

Why? You may need to claim in six months’ time – and failing to write down the basic information now could affect your compensation claim.

What should you write down every day in your personal injury diary? Simple – anything you have done to help as a carer.

It could be something as simple as helping your injured relative to climb stairs, to get into a car, to take a bath – or even just sitting with them to keep them company and watch over them.

The personal injury compensation your injured relative will receive to help pay for their future care and specialised treatment could depend on the information that you write down today.

We know that being personal injury solicitors is not just about making legal applications and speaking in court.

It’s also about the long-term care of the victim and helping their family to cope with the all little details that are so easy to overlook but could have a big impact further down the line.

That is why Coles Miller has a team of specialist personal injury led by UK Legal 500 Recommended Lawyer Adrian Cormack.

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