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Questions Raised By The Royal Bournemouth Hospital Pay Row5th Aug 2015

by Lydia Barnett on 5th Aug 2015

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Taxpayers are wondering how an NHS trust medical director can retire on an annual salary of £130,000…then get rehired for the role for £152,000 per year just weeks later.Lydia Barnett Partner Coles Miller

We were wondering the same thing. And we are not alone – two Dorset MPs are calling for answers.

Christchurch MP Christopher Chope does not blame the consultant. Instead the MP is questioning the Royal Bournemouth & Christchurch Hospitals NHS Trust for its decision to offer the £22,000 pay rise.

The Department of Health has reportedly described the trust’s decision as “completely unacceptable.”

Incidences such as this remuneration issue lead one to question how the NHS as a whole spends its money.

Moving on from the Bournemouth pay row, one should consider in wider, more general terms how the NHS wastes money.

Last year, a report by the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges said the NHS wasted £2 billion per year on unnecessary x-rays, drugs and treatments.

In 2011, the Royal College of Nursing said hospitals could save £5 billion per year by buying supplies more efficiently and by employing fewer management consultants.

We know that – across the UK – the NHS is quick to complain about lack of resources but slow to acknowledge that it wastes money in other areas.

One such area is the NHS’s defence of indefensible medical negligence errors by some of its clinicians around the country.

It is bad enough that medical errors can cause patients to suffer life-changing injuries – but worse when the NHS then seeks to deny obvious mistakes.

Victims of medical errors must be compensated quickly because the money is needed to fund urgent treatment and care for the damage that has been done to them.

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