Simon Steele-Williams - Partner, Coles Miller

Safeguarding Against Firework Injuries5th Nov 2013

Public awareness of firework safety has probably never been greater. Decades of campaigning has made families much more conscious of the dangers.Simon Steele-Williams - Partner, Coles Miller

But only this week two adults were treated for minor leg and chest injuries at a firework display in Worcester. Two children were also assessed at the scene.

Fireworks can cause horrific burns. As personal injury solicitors, we are only too familiar with what can go wrong in the worst cases. We help clients all over the country.

Every year across Britain there are firework injury compensation claims involving extensive burns, scarring and even the loss of one or both eyes.

Did you know that exploding fireworks can also cause Pulmonary Oedema if the gases are inhaled? Or that even a long dead sparkler can still cause problems?

Sparklers burn at 2,000 degrees C. That is 20 times the temperature of boiling water.

But even when stone cold, sparklers still have the capacity to cause harm.

Sparklers were banned at a Bovington display amid concerns that the metal rods could get stuck in horses’ hooves.

Please take care tonight. Everyone at Coles Miller wishes you a happy, enjoyable and safe Guy Fawkes night.

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