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World Cup Employers' Guide: Don't Fall Victim To Penalties10th Jun 2014

by Neil Andrews on 10th Jun 2014

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With pragmatic expectations ahead of the World Cup, it would be easy for employers to get lulled into a false sense of security.Neil Andrews - Partner, Coles Miller

Two of England’s three Group D games are in the evening and one is on a Saturday – Saturday June 14 11pm (Italy), Thursday June 19 8pm (Uruguay) and Tuesday June 24 5pm (Costa Rica).

And therefore (Costa Rica aside), there is less likelihood of workers wanting to swing the lead, bunk off early or get drunk on company time.

So far so good then.

But not so fast – it’s important to remember that not every workplace is nine-to-five – especially not in the Bournemouth area with its strong service sector and vibrant nighttime economy.

And what about after Group D? If England get through, what then?

Regardless of England getting beyond the group stages or not, employers still need a good disciplinary policy in place to deal with unauthorised absences.

When was the last time you reviewed yours? Don’t wait until you seriously need it before blowing the dust off the cover.

Also, every employer should have a watertight sickness policy to deter and discipline any hangover-related malingering.

At this level of football, there’s always a risk of fans over-indulging – particularly if the Costa Rica game is a cliffhanger and victory is toasted or sorrows are drowned.

Alcohol plus social media is a very dangerous cocktail indeed…and this World Cup is set to be the most social ever. Just ask the global advertisers.

You absolutely must have a rock solid social media policy in place. Employees must be aware of it, sign up to it and be in no doubt of what will happen if they breach it.

The World Cup may be only days away but that’s no excuse not to think about employment law and review the essentials ahead of the big kick-off on Thursday.

Your defence must be dependable at all times. Keep it tight at the back. Especially if you have to bench one of your team for under-performing.

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