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Coles Miller Is Supporting Dementia Awareness Week 201524th Apr 2015

by on 24th Apr 2015


Leading law firm Coles Miller is supporting Dementia Awareness Week (May 17-23 2015) - its solicitors are providing specialist legal advice to local action groups.Stuart Bradford  power of attorney solicitor

Coles Miller Partner Stuart Bradford is a member of Southbourne Dementia Friendly Community, which is part of the Dementia Action Alliance.

There are around 850,000 people living with dementia in the UK. The condition is estimated to cost the UK economy £23 billion every year.

Stuart Bradford, a member of Solicitors for the Elderly - provide their groups with expert legal advice on how families affected by dementia can take steps to help loved ones to cope with the condition.

That includes advice on powers of attorney, deputyships, care home funding, the Court of Protection, the Office of the Public Guardian, wills, probate and statutory wills.

Powers of attorney enable people facing the loss of mental capacity to nominate in advance trusted individuals to take decisions on their behalf.

Deputyships work in a similar way but are set up if the individual concerned has already lost mental capacity.

A statutory will is one drawn up on behalf of a person who is alive but unable to make a will themselves due to dementia or another serious brain impairment or injury.

Stuart Bradford said: “Dementia is a condition which will affect more and more families as Britain’s elderly population increases - although it should not be viewed as a normal condition of ageing and nor is it restricted to the over-65s.

“Dementia may not be curable but there are important legal steps that those with the condition - and their families - can take in advance to prepare for its onset,” he added.

All of Coles Miller’s wills and probate staff and also the firm’s receptionists have been trained as dementia friends, enabling them to help people with the condition to be understood and included in the local community.

Stuart said: “There are now one million dementia friends in Britain and it is hoped to increase this number to three million by 2020.”

For more information, please contact Coles Miller Partner Stuart Bradford, 01202 673011.