Residential Leasehold Property : Preparing Your New Leases

Preparing Your New Leases

Preparing your new Leases

Either following a freehold purchase or some years later, leaseholders who own a share in a company which owns the freehold may elect to extend their leases.

This can be in two forms. 

  1. The leaseholders can elect a Deed of Variation, extending the term and amending the ground rent payments. 
  2. Alternatively, if the lease is particularly old or outdated and requires modernisation or the block has developed numerous specific requirements, we can prepare new leases. 

Our specialist leasehold team deals with all aspects of leasehold owned flats. Our experience boasts a wide range of areas including assisting and advising concerning your lease extensions, your freehold purchases and a wide range of your Residential Leasehold Property disputes.

This well established specialist knowledge enables us to quickly advise as to which option to elect. In addition, where you select the preparation of new leases, we can draw upon our range of experiences and knowledge to advise in connection with how particular provisions will work on a practical basis. 

For a free initial chat with one of our expert residential leasehold property solicitors to discuss how we can help you please contact us now.

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