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Residential Leasehold

Residential Leasehold Property

Advice For Freeholders & Landlords

Residential leasehold law can be complex. We can help you to protect your leasehold rights.

Coles Miller Solicitors have years of experience in this specialist field and act on behalf of freeholders and landlords all over the country.

We can help you with….

Section 13 Notices

  • What to do if you receive a Section 13 notice, or a request for the sale of your freehold
  • Tenant responsibilities
  • Landlord responsibilities
  • The legal process, including counteroffers and agreement of terms

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Section 42 Notices

  • What to do if you receive an S42 notice, or a request for lease extension
  • What qualifies a tenant to serve a Section 42 notice
  • The cost of the process
  • What to do when the notice arrives
  • Whether you can refuse to extend the lease on your property

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RTM Claims Notices

  • What is a Right to Manage (RTM) notice
  • Why you’ve been sent a notice
  • The purpose of an RTM company
  • Disputing an RTM notice
  • First-tier tribunals
  • Transferring management of a building
  • Ongoing management of a building

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Selling Or Acquiring Your Freehold Interest

  • What is freehold interest?
  • If you want to sell your freehold interest
  • Right of first refusal (RFR)
  • Difference between RFR and freehold enfranchisement
  • How to advise leaseholders that the freehold interest is for sale
  • What an RFR offer notice contains
  • Valuing your freehold interest

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Major Works

  • The requirements to consult
  • What to do if leaseholders can’t pay

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Changing Lease Terms

  • How to change a lease agreement
  • The Deed of Variation process
  • What to do if leaseholders don’t agree with a lease variation
  • How to amend a lease
  • What to do if a leaseholder wants to amend a lease

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Leaseholder Breaches

  • The penalty for breaching a lease agreement
  • Forfeiture of a lease

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