A Design For Life29th Nov 2012

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Design for Life

(L-R)Lee Taylor, Coles Miller Marketing Manager, Kira Cook, Winner from Yarrells School, Alison Shelton BEM Streetwise Manager and Adrian Cormack, Coles Miller Partner

A POOLE schoolgirl rode off with a brand new bike after winning a competition to design a cycle helmet.

Organised by Coles Miller Solicitors and LV=Streetwise, the competition was conceived to promote cycle safety and was won by seven-year-old, Kira Cook, a student at Yarrells School in Poole.

Featuring solar powered fairy lights, Kira's winning designed was inspired by the eco-school she attends and the aerodynamic shape of the Olympic cycling helmets.

"I learnt to ride in the summer holidays," said Kira, who chose her new wheels and cycle helmet from Charminster's On Yer Bike, a supporter of the competition.

"It's purple and has 18 gears," she added.

The bike was presented to Kira at the LV=Streetwise Centre VIP Event on Tuesday, where manager, Alison Shelton, announced another 89 cycle helmets would go to runners up from schools across the county.

"We would like to thank Coles Miller, who have helped organise this competition and invested lots of cash into the operation," said Alison, who has been working with the solicitors to help improve cycle safety.

"The last time we ran a competition we had three entries but this time we counted 687 and we had the delightful task of looking at them all."

Judges were particularly amused by some of the entries; designs with go-faster propellers, built in air-conditioners, food storage compartments and a helmet emblazoned with the words "please pick mine" got the most laughs. However, in the end, the decision was unanimous.

"Out of all the entries, Kira's was the one that caught our eyes," said Lee Taylor, marketing manager at Coles Miller and one of the judges in the competition.

"We liked its solar powered fairy lights, chin protector and aerodynamic design; it was beautifully drawn and well thought out.

"Overall we have been delighted by the response and we are pleased to see that our competition has motivated so many children, parents and schools to become excited and positive about cycle safety."

For more information please contact Coles Miller’s Marketing Manager, Lee taylor on 01202 673011.