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Little Lady Locks

Charity Solicitors Coles Miller Help Little Lady Locks To Launch1st Apr 2022

Girls with alopecia are getting help to cope with hair loss thanks to a new charity launched with the assistance of Coles Miller Solicitors.

Hair salon owner Ashley Higgins founded Little Lady Locks after being approached by a mother whose daughter was suffering from alopecia, an autoimmune disorder that causes hair loss.

This prompted Ashley to speak with other lady clients affected by the condition: “I soon realised that nine out of 10 who suffer from hair loss have been left to deal with it on their own.”

She added: “As adults, sometimes we cope better with things like this – but how would young children feel?

“They have to go to school and deal with all the stress from other children who can often bully them. That makes their condition much worse. The stress caused can mean these children might lose most of their hair. They can feel hopeless and mentally exhausted.”

Ashley took a course in hair integration – and now her charity in Failsworth, Manchester provides hair systems and other hair pieces to under-18s with alopecia or other hair-loss conditions.

“We provide hair integration using real hair systems, wigs and hair pieces completely free of charge. This service also includes free-of-charge maintenance every four-to-six weeks.”

Coles Miller solicitor Charlotte Lilley helped Little Lady Locks to become a registered charity. She is a commercial property solicitor but her work also includes the specialist legal knowledge needed for charity incorporation. She is also a trustee of the Forest Holme hospice in Poole.

Charlotte’s work for Little Lady Locks included:

  • drafting its constitution
  • drafting and submitting the charity registration application form
  • dealing with enquiries from the Charity Commission
  • drafting the charity’s minutes and supporting paperwork.

She said: “We were delighted to be able to help Little Lady Locks so Ashley and her team can continue their wonderful work.”

She added: “Incorporating a charity can be a long and drawn-out process. The Charity Commission often asks for lots of supporting information, even after the application has been made.”

Ashley said: “Thank you to all the staff involved at Coles Miller who helped to set up our charity.

“We received great service with continued support throughout the application and we would highly recommend Coles Miller to any other charities starting up.”

For more information, contact Coles Miller solicitor Charlotte Lilley.

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