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Coles Miller Moments

What Is A Coles Miller Moment?

Because of the nature of our business, we sometimes hear stories where our clients are going through a particularly challenging or stressful time. 

Coles Miller Moments allows us to support our clients by giving them a little something to brighten up their day and give them confidence when they need it most.


How It Works

When a staff member at Coles Miller feels that a client deserves a little extra, we try to think of a nice way to show we care and support them with a gift that will hopefully bring a smile to their face.


Client Stories

Coles Miller Moment 1 - FlowersColes Miller Moment No.1

Barbara first came to Coles Miller when she instructed us to assist her with registering her husband’s EPA and some general affairs. Sadly her husband has now passed away, but we will continue to assist her by dealing with his estate.  We wanted to do something nice for Barbara and so we had a lovely basket of flowers arranged and a member of the Coles Miller team dropped off the flowers to her on a sunny day in February.

Why we chose Barbara

"I chose Mrs White because she has had a tough time recently with her husband being ill and subsequently passing away. Every time I met her though, she was friendly and welcoming and appreciative of what I was doing for her. I just thought that was worthy of a small gift." - Joseph Edwards, Solicitor

What Barbara said

"The flowers were absolutely beautiful and so thoughtful. They have lasted ever so well, well over a week! I have been taking pictures of them on my iPad".


Coles Miller Moment No.2

Coles Miller Moment Number 2To celebrate reaching (and now exceeding!) 1,000 followers on Linkedin, we thought we'd celebrate by hosting a 'Coles Miller Moment' competition! We asked our local LinkedIn community to comment and nominate a colleague of whom deserved a bundle of fresh cupcakes. We had several entries and excellent comments - showing a real element of colleague appreciation! 

Winners! SPL Property Management

Emily of SPL Property Management nominated her colleagues at SPL Property Management, "I work with the most fantastic team who constantly surprise me with their enthusuasm and dedication. Thankful every day to work with such lovely people."

Picked at random, SPL were delighted with their cupcakes. 

What SPL said

"The Cupcakes got me good. Thank you Coles Miller!"

"Thank you Coles Miller, I didn’t make the photo shoot (thank goodness) as was on the phone with Dion McCarthy getting some top notch legal advice. Happy clients and happy us!"


Coles Miller Moment 3Coles Miller Moment No. 3

Why we chose Mr Young

Mr Young happened to instruct conveyancing specialist, Michelle Vick during a difficult time. Despite a challenging few months, Mr Young would always be smiling, high-spirited and full of humour. Once the conveyancing process had been finalised, the team at Broadstone were so happy to see Mr Young was officially back on the property ladder. 

Back on the property ladder and ready for some DIY!

To mark the end of a busy few months and completing on his house, Michelle was delighted to award her client with a Coles Miller Moment – a B&Q voucher which would help towards Mr Young’s renovation plans.

What Mr Young Said

“Michelle, you have been very understanding and helpful at this very difficult time for me. Everyone at Coles Miller were all really friendly and approachable. Thank you very much for this voucher which will come in very handy for doing work to my new house.”

We wish Mr Young every success in his new home. Well done to Michelle for demonstrating client care at its best.


Coles Miller Moment No.4

Coles Miller Moment 4Mr Phil Tinney suffered a serious Road Traffic Accident when he was hit by a reversing car whilst undergoing his leaflet drop duties for a local business. Fortunately his friend Peter Givens knew of Coles Miller Personal Injury Department and contacted them about the claim.

Peter along with Coles Miller were with Phil through every step of the claim and as Phil recovered from his fracture and bruising, Coles Miller were able to offer him rehabilitation and communicate on a regular basis so that his claim ran smoothly.
Due to the rehabilitation Phil was back to work relatively quickly and the Personal Injury claim settled with the Defendant on very favourable terms within 2.5 months.

Why we chose Phil and Peter

Throughout the process we learned that Phil & Peter really enjoy going to the Toby Carvery together. Therefore, we thought it would be great to give them both a £20 voucher so that they can relax and enjoy themselves after a stressful time.

What Phil and Peter said

"The experience in dealing with Coles Miller was so unusual in that we were met with a can do attitude. The circumstances were difficult but the route to the final outcome was made easy by the professional way we were led to the final outcome. Thank you so much for your help."

It was quite clear from the outset that Phil & Peter had a very special friendship and it was a joy taking instructions from them throughout the process. It is so fitting that they chose to share a Toby Cavery meal together and we wish them bon appetit!