by on 19th Apr 2012


EmmaA recent survey conducted by family law organisation Resolution has highlighted the lack of uniformity amongst Courts in requiring attendance at Mediation Information and Assessment Meetings prior to commencing applications to resolve financial and children disputes.

Current guidance suggests people proposing to bring disputed cases should at least receive information on the options available to resolve the dispute and highlighting potential benefits particularly of mediation as a forum for direct communication and dispute resolution.

Emma Hamilton Cole, mediator and Partner in the Coles Miller family law team said:

"The benefits of mediation meetings include promoting better communication between parties which is essential where there are children involved. It also provides participants with an opportunity to resolve disputes at their own pace and with their own agenda."

"Largely the costs and timeframes associated are considerably less than for disputed Court proceedings."

At Coles Miller we are pleased to confirm that they have two specialist family mediators - Lindsay Halliwell and Emma Hamilton Cole - available to provide mediation meetings whether individually or together.

Emma and Lindsay are both qualified with Resolution the specialist family lawyer's association and bring years of experience in dealing with legal disputes to the process, as well as their skills in managing the mediation process.

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