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How To Avoid The Agony In 'Divorce September'12th Aug 2015

by on 12th Aug 2015


Family law solicitors at Coles Miller are facing one of their busiest months with divorce enquiries expected to surge in September.

September is the second busiest month of the year for divorce and separation, exceeded only by January.Richard Perrins

August summer holidays - like the Christmas break - can be the final straw for many relationships that are on the rocks.

Warring couples forced to spend more time together on holiday then return home vowing to call their respective solicitors.

Coles Miller’s family law solicitors are urging couples contemplating divorce to think about mediation as early as possible to reduce the impact of the impending split on their children.

Bournemouth family law solicitor and mediator Richard Perrins said: “It is now mandatory for divorcing couples to be assessed for mediation before going to court.

“We know from experience that mediation makes divorce much less confrontational - it is less stressful and less damaging financially for separating couples.”

Mediation also makes the process quicker; an important consideration now new regional divorce centres have taken over part of the courts’ role and are taking longer to process the paperwork.

The courts are also taking longer to carry out administration work because of cuts to public sector budgets.

Mr Perrins said: “On average, divorce can take four to five months but we have seen a court taking two months to turn around just one piece of paper.

“Mediation can definitely help because it keeps divorce out of court so less administration is required,” he added.

For expert advice on divorce and dissolution of civil partnerships, please contact Coles Miller family law solicitor and mediator Richard Perrins , 01202 355698.

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