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Cycle Path Road Accident

Coles Miller Helps Injured E-Bike Rider To Claim £90,000 Compensation8th Dec 2020

by on 8th Dec 2020


A cyclist knocked off his electric bike in a cycle lane has claimed £90,000 compensation with the help of Coles Miller Solicitors.

The 41-year-old Parkstone man suffered a triple fracture to his left arm after a car crashed into him at Penn Hill junction, Poole.

He had been waiting at the traffic lights. As the lights changed, he moved forwards but an Audi A1 hatchback turned left across his path – knocking him off his e-bike and into the road.

The 39-year-old female driver carried on, seemingly unaware of the accident. But a witness in another car gave chase and stopped her further down the road.

The injured man was taken to Poole Hospital. Surgeons inserted a metal plate in his left elbow. He also sustained a fracture to his left little finger (which had to be pinned), along with cuts and bruises.

Coles Miller personal injury lawyer Adrian Cormack said: “We obtained the police report. After discussions with the driver’s insurer, we were able to secure a full admission of liability.”

The injured rider is employed as a baker. He was unable to work for eight weeks after his injuries – but was furloughed so he suffered minimal loss of earnings.

When the baker returned to work, he had some slight restrictions of movement in his injured arm. Despite ongoing physio treatment, he could not lift heavy trays in and out of the oven.

Mr Cormack said: “The judicial compensation guidelines for a severe disabling elbow injury suggested a maximum award of £51,460 compensation for the injuries suffered.

“But before we submitted any losses, the defendant made an offer of £75,000 in full and final settlement of our client’s claim.

“This offer was more than adequate to fully compensate our client but we were able to negotiate further and agree an overall figure of £90,000 which the client decided to accept,” he added.

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