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Leading Residential Leasehold Solicitor 'Hangs Up His Boots'30th Apr 2020

by on 30th Apr 2020


A leading UK residential leasehold solicitor…former Senior Partner at Coles Miller...and a lifelong Arsenal fan: Andrew Howard has retired after 42 years as a solicitor.

Andrew merged his business with Coles Miller in 2007. He spent the following decade leading the firm’s Residential Leasehold Department.

In recent years, he has used his considerable experience to support Coles Miller in a consultancy role.

But now he’s decided the time is right to ‘hang up his boots’ so he can spend more time with his family.

Retirement will also give him more time to improve his French and learn Spanish…and enjoy walking in the Purbecks when the lockdown ends. 

Andrew said: “I started to develop an interest in residential leasehold property when I was training to be a solicitor.

“My principal was responsible for a portfolio of Rent Act protected tenancies where the rent was determined by the Rent Officer and could be reviewed every three years.

“I was routinely sent by my principal to appear before the Rent Officer to argue for an increase in rent when the properties in the portfolio came up for review.”

He added: “In 1993 the Leasehold Reform Act brought in the enfranchisement of leasehold flats.

“I was asked by a residents’ management company to deal with the collective freehold purchase of a nearby block of flats as soon as that legislation came into force. Within 18 months I was dealing with that type of work virtually exclusively.

“In 2002 the Right to Manage was introduced in the Leasehold Reform Act 2002. By that time I was developing a team dealing with residential leasehold property work. The team continued to grow with the opportunities afforded to leaseholders by exercising the Right to Manage.”

Coles Miller Partner and head of Residential Leasehold, Matthew Lewis said: “I cannot thank Andrew enough.

“Andrew sparked my interest in this very niche area of law, allowing me to grow and enjoy my work with a passion.

“He has created a perfect environment for all within his team to develop their understanding of leasehold property and their technical skills.

“Routinely dubbed the leasehold expert, since the implementation of the relevant laws, Andrew has been instrumental in shaping the way leasehold reform rights have been fought in Bournemouth and Poole.

“I couldn’t have learnt from anyone better. I would like to take the opportunity to wish Andrew all the very best. While we will, of course, be staying in touch, he will certainly be missed by the sector.”

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