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25 Years Of Expert Conveyancing For 2,500 Happy Families (And One Sleepy Tortoise)6th Apr 2022

by Nick Balchin on 6th Apr 2022

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She’s helped more than 2,500 families successfully move into their dream homes…and even assisted in the rescue of a hibernating tortoise after a move!

In 25 years at Coles Miller, Conveyancing Executive Pam Coniam has helped buyers and sellers to overcome all manner of challenges.

In the case of the sleepy tortoise, it had been in deep hibernation in a garden shed…oblivious to the fact that its Bournemouth owners were in the process of moving house.

They didn’t want to wake the tortoise in mid-hibernation because doing so could have disrupted its metabolic processes.

So Pam had to draft a special clause in the conveyancing contract, enabling the family to collect the tortoise from their former home once the sleepy reptile had finally woken up.

It’s all part of the Coles Miller service: “I enjoy helping people to buy and sell property and move into the home of their dreams. It’s like putting together the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle,” said Pam.

She’s a little shy about revealing when she first started working in conveyancing – but it was at a time when everyone was still using typewriters (albeit electronic ones with a bit of memory).

It’s a far cry from the custom-developed software she uses now at Coles Miller’s Bournemouth office.

Much has changed in conveyancing in the last 25 years with online delivery of services making the process much faster and more efficient.

In that time, the price of the average UK property has shot up from £118,908 to £273,762. Prices have risen by 9.6% in the last 12 months alone, according to March 2022 HM Land Registry data (based on transactions to January 2022).

Coles Miller Senior Partner, Head of the Residential Conveyancing Department, Roger Leedham said: “Pam is unique. Clients love her and she is as enthusiastic about her job as the day she started at Coles Miller.

“I have learnt so much from Pam over the years and she is an inspiration to our younger conveyancers. She deserves all the accolades that she gets.”

For more information, contact Coles Miller Conveyancing Executive Pam Coniam at Coles Miller’s Bournemouth office. 

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