Road Safety Week 2019

Road Safety Week 2019: Coles Miller Steps Up For Safe Streets!15th Nov 2019

by on 15th Nov 2019


Dorset law firm Coles Miller will ‘Step Up For Safe Streets’ – raising awareness for Road Safety Week (November 18-24 2019).

Road Safety Week’s Step Up For Safe Streets campaign has a three-pronged approach:

  1. Safe journeys – campaigning for safer roads by design, safety technology in vehicles and appropriate speed limits
  2. Healthy journeys – ensuring that choosing to walk or cycle doesn’t put people at increased risk – and that the air we breathe on journeys is clean
  3. Step up – everyone steps up “to play a part in the celebration of safe system solutions and the creation of a safe and healthy future”.

Stepping up means:

  • individuals pledging to use the roads safely, reducing vehicle use and “shouting out for safe system solutions”
  • schools helping children to create a safer, healthier future and to “shout for change”
  • organisations enhancing their policies and procedures to ensure they choose safe systems
  • emergency services highlighting their vital role in keeping communities safe
  • policymakers developing and mandating safe system solutions.

Personal injury solicitors at Coles Miller always handle significantly more road accident compensation claims at this time of year. It happens as soon as the clocks go back.

Cyclists and pedestrians are particularly vulnerable on dark roads – especially during bad weather when visibility is poor.

Coles Miller Managing Partner Adrian Cormack – head of the firm’s Personal Injury Department – urged all road users to take extra care:

  • always take extra time to look out for other road users and pedestrians – one second can make all the difference
  • drive (or ride) slower and more calmly – don’t rush, it’s not worth the risk, and you will arrive at your destination feeling less stressed 
  • cyclists – get good lights for your bike, always wear a helmet and high visibility reflective clothing
  • pedestrians – make sure you’re seen, wear something reflective – otherwise you can be virtually invisible at night!

Mr Cormack said: “All commuters need to be aware of their duty to other road users and pedestrians – particularly at this time of year when the commute is often in darkness and inclement weather. Please give cyclists plenty of space when you pass them.

And he added: “Next time you’re driving in a car at night – or even just in twilight or bad weather – take time to look carefully at the cyclists and pedestrians you pass.

“Look how hard some of them can be to see…and how much difference an item of reflective clothing can make.

“And then remember that when you next venture out on the roads as a motorcyclist, cyclist or pedestrian. Wear hi vis – it could save your life!”

For more information, contact Coles Miller Managing Partner Adrian Cormack, Poole office (01202 355695).

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