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Restrictive Covenants

Residential Leasehold solicitors dealing with the Enforcement of covenants in Dorset

Your Leasehold Covenants

Leases can contain obligations and restrictions on both parties in relation to things such as service charges payable, nuisance, regulation of parking arrangements, the use of your flat including the laying of carpeting or keeping of pets. These are known as restrictive covenants. 

  • When covenants are broken or a dispute arises an application can be made to the Court or an independent Tribunal to assess whether there is a breach of covenant and/or to enforce a breach of covenant. In brief whether the restrictive covenants enforceable.
  • Leaseholders often request an approval in relation to covenants. For example a leaseholder may seek an approval from their freeholder to alter their property, such as erecting a stud wall.  

In these circumstances, we would strongly suggest a careful review of the lease and/or the seeking of advice from restrictive covenants solicitors at an early stage

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