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Termination of Employment

Employment Law solicitors dealing with Termination of Employment in Dorset

We provide practical guidance on the steps you need to, or can, take when you are considering terminating a member of staff’s employment. We’re here to help you avoid, or at least minimise, the risk of an unfair dismissal or discrimination claim and support you in relation to any negotiations with disgruntled employees.

We understand that you don’t want just to be told about employment law. We know that you want us to recommend the best approach for your specific business situation and to understand your risk profile.

We recommend getting in touch with us about a problem with an employee or group of employees at an early stage as it’s then much more likely that we’ll be able to help you avoid legal proceedings altogether leaving you to concentrate on your core business.

If you are looking to embark on a programme of redundancies or HR restructuring we can advise you on ensuring that this is carried out fairly and correctly and help with negotiating settlements.

We can also help you do everything you can to ensure that you protect vital company confidential information and client connections when senior employees, especially business development and sales staff, leave the company.

For advice on any of these matters please contact a member of our employment team.

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