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Beach Huts

Solicitors Dealing With Renting or Buying a Beach Hut in Dorset

­­­Owning a beach hut often feels idyllic. They can provide a personal haven on your favourite shoreline.

With the cost of beach huts similar to some British homes, buying one is a formal process, much like buying another leasehold property. This can include many potential pitfalls for the unwary.

Our solicitors will help you to navigate the process of buying a beach hut, mitigate the possible risks and ensure that the long-term outcome is as joyous as you imagined.

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Where Can I Find Beach Huts For Sale?

Your local beach hut association (such as the BBHA in Bournemouth) may have details of beach huts for sale in your area. Similarly, websites such as beach-huts.com or beachhuts4hire.co.uk can show you what is currently available.

Some beach huts may even have a For Sale sign on the door, so don’t rule out having a look in person.

Take your time when considering the location of your beach hut. Plan at least a couple of visits at different times of the day, week and year. This should help you to build a full picture of the local community and available amenities such as car parking, toilets and maintenance access.

Before you take the plunge, you should also check if any essential facilities are seasonal – such as access for dogs, if you have one.

How Much Will My Beach Hut Cost?

Much like buying a house, you must budget for both the cost of your beach hut and various other expenses that come along with it, including annual fees for ground rent and services.

A beach hut can cost anything from £6,000 to £330,000 (or more!) in popular areas, with the position and location being the primary factors determining its value. With this in mind, you should research the market carefully in your desired area – there could be opportunities to save money if you’re willing to compromise.

Remember that you’ll also need to pay a one-off transfer fee to your council for the change in ownership. The buyer usually pays this fee, but it won’t hurt to ask whether it’s included in the seller’s price.

If you’re trying to find a bargain beach hut, you can also try looking during off-season. You may find that prices are lower than in the sunny months when passing interest is high.


Will I Have To Pay Any Ongoing Costs For My Beach Hut?

Once you’ve found your ideal beach hut, you’ll need to pay for basic maintenance, such as weatherproofing and security.

Beach hut break-ins are not uncommon and your hut is more likely to be targeted if it looks in a poor state of repair. So, be ready to invest in its upkeep and possibly in some extra security measures as well – such as alarms, closed shackle padlocks, a robust door and a fresh lick of paint to keep it looking smart.  You should protect yourself from the consequences of vandalism, theft, flooding and storm damage by purchasing building and contents insurance.

Finally, you’ll also need to budget for a yearly licence fee (payable to either a private site owner or the council) and business rates (as your beach hut is a non-domestic property).  Your local beach hut association may include patrols within its yearly fee giving you additional peace of mind.

Should I Buy A Beach Hut Which Requires Renovation Work?

If a beach hut requires refurbishment, you may get it at a very good price, but you should check with a valuer or agent that the price reflects the condition.

However, as mentioned above, run-down beach huts can be a security risk. So, if you intend to buy one, you should waste no time in paying for both structural and cosmetic repairs.

Once I Buy My Beach Hut, Can I Do What I Want?

There are likely to be terms and conditions applied to the purchase of your beach hut. These will restrict how you use it.

If you’re planning to rent your beach hut to others, you should check that this is permitted before finalising your purchase – some sites don’t allow it. Similarly, you should review the permitted occupancy times and check these align with your own schedule.

If you like the idea of listening to the waves while you sleep in your beach hut overnight, you may need to reconsider your plans. Many sites will not allow overnight stays. If this is important to you, be sure to ask your solicitor to advise on any restrictions that may be in place before proceeding too far.


Why Should I Choose Coles Miller To Help With My Beach Hut Purchase?

Buying a beach hut can be a great way to enrich your quality of life.

But there are many variables to consider (alongside the terms and conditions of your lease). So, you must be aware of exactly what you’re buying.

You might find a beach hut in your dream location, only to discover after the sale that you’re not permitted to enjoy it in the way you planned. These restrictions are not only disappointing, but they could lead to you selling your beach hut early – resulting in a heavy financial loss.

Coles Miller solicitors are experienced in the sale and purchase of beach huts and can assist you at every step of the way.

We will ensure that you know exactly what you are buying so there are no unpleasant surprises later down the line. This will leave you confident in your investment and ready to enjoy your new beach hut for many years to come.

To find out more about how we can help you with your beach hut purchase, just book a free chat with a Coles Miller commercial property lawyer.

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