A Client Guide To Video Conferencing 

If you are requiring legal advice or have a matter in hand with us, communication is key. Below we have put together a list of the video conferencing platforms we’ll be using throughout Covid-19 and how you can use them too.

Video conferencing may not always be required, however, understanding the options available can prove quite useful. Your Solicitor will advise  when they believe a video conference is necessary, rather than a telephone call.

Skype: Trusted, longstanding, and a platform most of us have heard of. Skype will enable 1-2-1 or, multiple users to log in and chat with one of our Solicitors. Skype can be helpful for situations where multiple parties may need to communicate collectively, I.e. Mediation.

Here is a link from YouTube on how to use Skype:


Zoom: Useful, practical and current. This platform is useful for larger group meetings and is designed to accommodate this. Zoom detects which individual is talking which can prove rather useful while adapting to video conferencing with multiple participants.

Here is a link from YouTube on how to use Zoom:


FaceTime (For iPad, iPhone/Apple product users only)

Typically used for catching up with friends and family, FaceTime is a commonly used platform and works in a similar way to Whatsapp video calls. This program does again allow multiple users; however, we personally believe it is better suited for 1-2-1 video conferencing. If you need to prove identity for a matter, FaceTime offers the ideal solution.

Here is a link on how to set up Facetime:


We really appreciate your willingness to adapt to this way of handling your legal matters and hope the above content allows for a seamless experience.