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Standard Procedure

What Is The Commercial Debt Recovery Process?

Chasing unpaid invoices is a burden. It takes up valuable time – and if your client chooses to ignore you, it’s completely fruitless.

You don’t need to put up with clients who refuse to settle their unpaid debts. Coles Miller’s debt recovery experts get results and save you time and resources – while preserving your client relationships.

We will take the time to understand your exact requirements and understand precisely how best to reclaim your money. The procedure can vary depending on your circumstances. But often the process will happen like this…

Request By Letter

For proceedings in the United Kingdom, on receipt of instructions, we will check the information supplied and (if necessary) request further details.

Assuming that the information is sufficient to enable us to proceed, we will normally prepare and send a formal letter demanding payment in settlement (usually within 14 days from the date of the letter). Instructions supplied by 3pm can normally be processed the same day.

In most cases, payment is recovered within the time limit specified in the letter.

Clients must let us know if direct payment is made, or if there is contact from the debtor. If payment is not made within the time limit specified, we will review the matter and discuss the next steps to recover the debt.

We always work very closely with our clients to continually improve their credit control. We will also ensure that the information that we are provided with enhances your chances of success.


Should the debt remain unpaid once a judgment has been obtained, we will advise on the most likely method of enforcement, taking into account the circumstances of the debtor.

If your debtor cannot pay, the likelihood is, you won’t be the only business they owe money to – enforcement may be necessary, and it will be important to act promptly.

If your debtor is a company, compulsory liquidation may required. If they are an individual, you may need to pursue bankruptcy proceedings. We can help you with both of these options.

Issuing Court Proceedings

In the event that we need to issue court proceedings, this may be the final nudge the debtor needs to settle their debt once and for all.

Should your debtor choose to defend their stance and refuse to pay, we will assess the merit of the defence with you. It may be appropriate to refer the matter back to the court and request that a judge considers the case. It may be that the matter is listed for mediation or a hearing depending on the value of the debt and sometimes the debtors response.

You deserve to have your debt repaid

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