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Business Disputes

Commercial Litigation Solicitors

Commercial Disputes

Disputes waste time and money. Get expert legal help to solve them quickly and cost effectively – so you can concentrate on growing your business.

Our highly experienced business dispute solicitors offer:

  • proven alternative dispute resolution (maintaining trading relationships)
  • robust legal enforcement action when required.

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Contract Disputes (Breach Of Contract)

Client failing to pay on time? Let down by a supplier? Or perhaps you are facing legal action due to circumstances beyond your control.

View the Contract Disputes page to find out more about:

  • how to prove a breach
  • suing for breach of contract
  • examples of breaches and the types of damages you can claim
  • what to do if you are in breach of contract.


Commercial Property Disputes

Worried about renewing your lease? Rent arrears? Need to end a commercial tenancy?

Our litigation solicitors can advise you on a wide range of matters including:

Find out more about commercial property disputes

For boundary disputes, click here.

Debt Recovery

Never delay when it comes to debt. Take immediate action – because the longer a debt drags on, the less likely you are to be paid.

Our debt recovery lawyers’ service includes:

  • recovering unpaid debts and rent arrears
  • defending claims and preparing counterclaims
  • letters before action, issuing court proceedings, serving statutory demands
  • tracing debtors and enforcing judgments
  • advising on bankruptcy, winding up proceedings, repossessions
  • credit control
  • charging orders
  • third party debt orders, attachment of earnings orders
  • warrants of control
  • applications to obtain financial information.

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Director Disputes 

Our experienced commercial litigators can advise you on how to deal with directors who have:

  • failed to act appropriately in the course of their duties  
  • failed to account properly for the assets of the company (malfeasance claims).

This work can include:

  • director disqualification proceedings
  • claims by shareholders against directors (including derivative actions that permit minority shareholders to institute proceedings on behalf of the company)
  • disputes between shareholders – including winding up proceedings under the Companies Act 2006 
  • disputes over the acquisition or sale of a business or shares in it.

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Intellectual Property Disputes

In today’s knowledge economy your intellectual property (IP) has never been more valuable. Discover:

  • what counts as intellectual property – what you can and should safeguard
  • how to protect your IP
  • copyright, trademarks, design right, registered designs, patents, automatic protection
  • types of intellectual property infringement
  • how to resolve intellectual property disputes
  • buying, selling or licensing intellectual property.

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Partnership Disputes

Worried about the losses you risk incurring because your business partnership is in danger of breaking down?

Expert legal advice is essential because business partnerships do not enjoy the same level of legal protection as companies.

Our litigation lawyers can advise you on:

  • the underlying reasons for partnership disputes and how to solve them
  • partnership agreements – every partnership should have one
  • what the Partnership Act 1890 means for you
  • liability, departure, misconduct
  • what to do if your partners are not doing their fair share
  • how to deal with a breakdown in your professional relationship, loss of trust.

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Professional Negligence Claims

Failed by your accountant, architect, surveyor, builder, IFA or any other professional adviser?

View the Professional Negligence Claims page to find out more about:

  • what you must prove to succeed in your compensation claim
  • what you can claim for (including loss of earnings, medical and travel expenses, loss of quality of life)
  • the time limits for making a claim
  • how to fund your claim – including No Win, No Fee agreements
  • how the pre-action protocol can save you time and legal costs
  • how alternative dispute resolution can save you time, money and stress.

Shareholder Disputes

Many shareholders fall out because they did not sign a legally binding agreement. Typical disagreements include:

  • shareholders not contributing enough
  • rejection of minority shareholders’ wishes
  • conflict of interest. 

View this page to find out more about your rights as a majority or minority shareholder; your basic rights and 50/50 shareholder disputes.

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Our commercial disputes and litigation solicitors can also advise on:

  • business recovery and insolvency
  • construction and engineering disputes
  • insurance disputes
  • competition law
  • product liability
  • health and safety
  • environmental litigation
  • grant of overhead power cable easements.

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