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Debt Recovery

Personal Debt Recovery Solicitors in Dorset

Chasing an unpaid personal debt can cause significant stress.

The longer you wait for the debt to be repaid, the bigger the risk to your personal finances: the shortfall could push you into debt yourself. All the while, you worry about your relationship with the person who borrowed your money, or you provided goods or a service to. Fear of confrontation or fallout can cause even more anxiety.

Resolving the situation amicably may feel like an uphill battle. But don’t walk away or write the debt off. You need your money back. We can help you.

Coles Miller’s debt recovery solicitors are experts in recovering personal debts. We can often do so without going to court.


You deserve to have your debts repaid.

Contact us so we can help you, sensitively and professionally.

Our Debt Recovery Department is led by Debt Recovery Manager Eric Holt, who has more than 35 years’ experience in these matters.

We have comprehensive facilities to deal with all aspects of our clients' debt recovery requirements. We deal in collecting large volumes of accounts for multinational organisations (whatever the size of their business) – as well as individual one-off debts.

We can assist with:

  • recovering a range of unpaid moneys, however complicated
  • defending claims and counterclaims in disputed debts
  • issuing court proceedings, where necessary
  • sending letters before action
  • issuing and serving statutory demands
  • tracing debtors
  • enforcing judgments
  • recovering rent arrears for landlords
  • winding up proceedings against limited companies
  • bankruptcy of individuals
  • repossessions
  • charging orders
  • third party debt orders
  • attachment of earnings
  • warrants of control (previously known as warrants of execution)
  • applications to obtain financial information (previously known as oral examinations).

Our fees are charged on a fixed basis and in all but a few situations tend to be very cost effective.

Chasing An Unpaid Personal Debt? Get Expert Legal Advice

Our debt recovery solicitors have years of experience in this specialist field. We handle enquiries from all over the country.

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