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Letter Before Action

Recover Personal Debts with A Letter Before Action (LBA)

If you are owed money by a friend, family member or even a business, it’s important to take the correct steps to have the debt repaid.

A Letter Before Action (LBA) is an essential requirement of the debt recovery process. You can’t pursue any legal action unless an LBA has been issued correctly.

An LBA is a formal letter which explains:

  • how much money is owed
  • a time limit for the debt to be paid (usually thirty days)
  • The need to comply with the Courts Pre-Action Protocols
  • that refusal to pay or engage in correspondence may prompt a court claim

A high percentage of debts are often paid on receipt of an LBA. However, it’s important that your letter is sent by a legal expert who understands the process and can ensure it is followed correctly. An error in your LBA could put the recovery of your debt at risk.

Disputed Wills FAQs (1)

Can I Just Use A Free LBA Template?

When you are owed money, we understand that it may be tempting to try and save further expenditure by using free resources available online. However, this can be a false economy.

It may only take a minor mistake that may enable a Debtor to try and use this to their advantage and delay payment or made add to the time required to resolve a matter.

You must be absolutely certain you are targeting the correct legal entity in your letter.

It isn’t expensive to use our specialist to draft your letter, so make sure you have professionals on board from the very start. Moreover, a letter with a recognised law firm’s letterhead is far more attention-grabbing than a DIY version from the internet. It will increase the chances of your debtor making a quick repayment.

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