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Disputes And Litigation

Disputes And Litigation

Dispute Resolution And Litigation Solicitors

Every dispute is different. Each has its own set of circumstances; some commercial, some personal.

Some disputes arise because there is no contract. And sometimes when a contract is in place it may be affected by statutory rights.

Securing a swift positive outcome requires experienced litigators. We get to the heart of the issue, balancing smart negotiating techniques with robust enforcement of your legal rights.

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But going to court should always be a last resort because of the time and costs involved. Our litigation solicitors can advise you on faster and more cost effective ways to resolve your dispute.

Often we can nip a dispute in the bud through early exchange of information and by highlighting clear breaches of contract terms.
We can pursue or defend claims. Browse the links below to learn more about…

Boundary Disputes

  • How to solve a boundary dispute
  • How to find out where the real boundary is
  • Creating a boundary agreement
  • What to do if you can’t agree a boundary with neighbouring property owners
  • How to determine whose responsibility the boundary fence is

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Breach Of Contract

  • What legally constitutes a breach of contract
  • What makes a contract legally binding
  • The difference between contracts and agreements
  • How to sue for breach for contract
  • How much you could claim in damages for breach of contract
  • Examples of breach of contract
  • What to do if you have breached a contract

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Commercial Property Disputes

  • Safeguarding your property rights
  • Commercial lease renewals – a tenant’s right to renew
  • Ending a commercial tenancy: Section 25 and Section 26 notices
  • Dilapidations to commercial premises
  • Non-payment of rent on a commercial lease
  • Forfeiting a commercial lease, relief against forfeiture
  • Possession proceedings – evicting squatters from commercial premises
  • Breach of restrictive covenants

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Click here to learn about Residential Property Disputes.

Contested Wills

  • How to dispute a will if you believe you have been unfairly overlooked
  • How to defend a will from opportunist legal challenges

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Debt Recovery

  • Recovering unpaid debts – no matter how large or complex
  • Defending claims, preparing counterclaims
  • Rent arrears and building disputes
  • Letters before action, issuing court proceedings, serving statutory demands
  • Tracing debtors, enforcing judgments
  • Bankruptcy, winding up proceedings, repossessions
  • Credit control
  • Charging orders
  • Third part debt orders, attachment of earnings orders
  • Warrants of control (formerly warrants of execution)
  • Applications to obtain financial information (formerly known as oral examination)

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Director Disputes

Get expert legal advice on how to deal with directors who have failed to act appropriately or account properly for assets in the course of their duties.  

Work includes:

  • director disqualification proceedings
  • claims by shareholders against directors (including derivative actions that permit minority shareholders to institute proceedings on behalf of the company)
  • shareholder disputes 
  • disputes over the acquisition or sale of a business or shares in it.

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Intellectual Property Disputes

  • What counts as intellectual property (IP)
  • How to protect your IP
  • Copyright, design right, trademarks, registered designs, patents, trade secrets
  • Intellectual property infringement, counterfeiting, piracy
  • How to resolve an IP dispute
  • Buying, selling or licensing IP

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Landlord And Tenant Disputes

  • Helping landlords to deal with problem tenants
  • Evicting a tenant from residential property
  • Landlords’ legal responsibilities and obligations – what you must provide by law
  • How the Deregulation Act 2015 affects landlords
  • Landlords’ rights
  • Letting rooms in your home
  • Commercial property landlord and tenant disputes

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Partnership Disputes

  • Why disputes between partners occur
  • Why you need a partnership agreement
  • What the Partnership Act 1890 means for you
  • Liability, departure, misconduct
  • Partners not doing their fair share
  • Breakdown in your professional relationship, loss of trust

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Professional Negligence Claims

  • What legally constitutes professional negligence
  • How to prove professional negligence
  • How much you can claim in compensation
  • Time limits for compensation claims
  • Examples of professional negligence – who you can make a claim against
  • How to fund your compensation claim
  • The professional negligence pre-action protocol – what it means for you
  • Alternatives to going to court

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Residential Property Disputes

  • Party wall disputes
  • Dealing with noisy or anti-social neighbours

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Shareholder Rights And Disputes

  • Main causes of shareholder disputes
  • Rights of majority (controlling) shareholders
  • Disputes involving controlling shareholders
  • Minority shareholders’ rights and protection
  • Shareholders’ basic rights
  • 50/50 shareholder disputes
  • Can a major shareholder force a minority shareholder to sell their shares?

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