Working From Home - Tips From The Legal Sector1st Apr 2020

by on 1st Apr 2020


You are likely to have seen countless articles of late offering tips on working from home.

Some of these will have shared simple advice and ‘lifestyle hacks’, others will have been far more complex and structured. Here, Coles Miller have collated an alternative view.

We all have our own way of working. Below are tips to remember when working in a confidential sector (such as a law firm or bank), where there is no room for complacency.


1. Check your internet and device security

This may seem obvious, but if like Solicitors your workload consists of handling client information – a secure network and device is of paramount importance.

  • make sure your network is private
  • keep all programmes up to date, including anti-virus software
  • check that your internet connection is password protected
  • ensure your device is locked when unattended, particularly if you live in a shared occupancy household


2. Switch your smart speakers off

It is estimated that 34% of UK households have a smart speaker such as an Echo Dot or a Google Nest (reference – The Telegraph.) Security experts claim that these devices may pose security threats if disclosing sensitive information nearby. Switch them off to be on the safe side.


3. Find a quiet and private place to work from and take calls

It is important not to be complacent when handling phone calls from clients. When dealing with confidential matters, clients are entrusting you with their personal affairs. Background noise can prove both unprofessional and unnerving.

Conducting work within the family home is, for a time at least, unavoidable. Even so it is advised that those working within professional sectors aim to find a quiet place to handle sensitive matters.


4. Check in on colleagues, take a break

The legal, financial and healthcare sectors, amongst others, can prove stressful. It is important to remember that all colleagues are adapting to new processes.

Integrate as much structure as you can into the working day. If you manage a team, regular contact at the same time, and on a daily basis, can implement structure and routine as well as enable colleagues to understand expectations.

Most importantly, remember to take a break from your workstation. Go for a walk if it is safe to do so and return feeling refreshed and primed for the second stage of your day.


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