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C-Section (Caesarian Section) Medical Negligence Compensation Claims (No Win No Fee)20th Mar 2017

by David Simpson on 20th Mar 2017

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Any case of medical negligence is distressing but C-section errors can harm both mother and baby.medical negligence solicitor David Simpson, a Partner at Coles Miller in Poole, Dorset

Up to a quarter of all babies in the UK are delivered by Caesarean section. It is a common procedure but mistakes still happen – with devastating and life-changing consequences.

Examples Of Caesarean Section Medical Negligence

  • Still births caused by incorrectly performed Caesarian procedures
  • Not planning properly for a C-section – leading to a rushed procedure or unplanned natural birth – causing complications and injuries to the mother and/or baby
  • Dislocation of the baby’s shoulder (Dystocia) – resulting in possible nerve damage to the baby’s shoulder, affecting the arms and hands
  • Surgical errors – scalpel cuts to the baby
  • Surgical injuries to the mother
  • Badly performed stitching – causing infection or excessive scarring

By far the most serious C-section injuries to the baby are those involving oxygen deprivation. They can cause serious and permanent brain damage.

Compensation claims can run to millions of pounds in these cases because the baby may be left permanently disabled. They will need round-the-clock care for the rest of their lives.

Surgical errors can also cause serious nerve damage – again resulting in permanent and debilitating injuries.

Impact On The Family

The sensitive nature of Caesarean section injuries can have a profound psychological effect on the mother (and also the father).

These injuries can prevent couples from enjoying physical intimacy, disrupting their marriage.

Couples affected can claim compensation for the psychological injuries they have endured.

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Learn more about claiming compensation (No Win No Fee) – contact Coles Miller Partner David Simpson, Head of our Clinical Negligence Department, 01202 355695.

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