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DIY Will Kits Not Covered By Legal Ombudsman22nd Oct 2014

by Anthony Weber on 22nd Oct 2014

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Not everyone realises that DIY will kits and unqualified will writers are not covered by the Legal Ombudsman – so there’s no protection if something goes wrong.

That’s a major concern at a time when wills are more likely to be challenged in court.

Actually, it should be a concern at any time. Let’s not forget – a will decides the financial future of your family when you are no longer there to take care of them.

Wills represent the third biggest area of complaints handled by the Legal Ombudsman.

But if your will wasn’t written by a properly qualified lawyer then the ombudsman cannot help you – potentially leaving you and your family in a difficult and worrying position.

Last year the ombudsman helped to resolve at least 1,000 complaints related to wills – mostly involving fees, delays and failure to follow instructions.

But every year some 180,000 wills are written by non-lawyers. None of them will be protected by the ombudsman scheme.

HM Government does not appear to be doing much to sort out the problem. The Ministry of Justice is not inclined to regulate further on the matter.

Last year Justice Secretary and Lord Chancellor Chris Grayling rejected the Legal Services Board’s recommendation that only qualified lawyers should be allowed to offer will writing services.

Making a will is supposed to be about doing the right thing, planning ahead and enjoying all the peace of mind and reassurance that comes with that.

So it makes sense to instruct solicitors with expert knowledge and plenty of experience.

Find out how Coles Miller’s wills, tax and trusts team can help you. Contact Coles Miller Solicitor Anthony Weber, a Partner at the firm and head of our Wills & Probate Department.01202 673011.

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