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Exploding The Myths About Making A Will2nd Dec 2014

by Anthony Weber on 2nd Dec 2014

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More and more smart people have done the right thing recently by protecting their loved ones with a will.

Free Wills Month saw our solicitors absolutely inundated with enquiries. In fact, the offer was over-subscribed at a national level.

But there are still two big myths about wills…and they both need to be exploded.

Myth Number 1 is that wills are just for older people, that there’s plenty of time, that it’s a job that can be parked for a while.

You should not put off making a will. Life may seem comfortable right now but it has a habit of taking unexpected turns.

Spend just a few minutes speaking with our personal injury team and you will soon understand how easily fatal accidents can happen to anyone at any time.

Myth Number 2 is that wills are expensive. They are not – particular when you realise what great value they are in terms of keeping your home and heirlooms within the family.  Compare that with the cost of what could happen if there is no will in place, or a DIY will drawn up by someone without the proper legal experience. It does not bear thinking about.

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