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Getting Divorced v Making A Clean Break

Posted on Monday 13th June 2016 by Richard Perrins

Some people will be horrified that a wealthy businessman can be successfully pursued for money by his ex-wife more than 20 years after they divorced.

Other observers may be more sympathetic towards the wife. Her award of £300,000 maintenance and £200,000 in costs is small compared with his £57 million fortune.divorce solicitor Richard Perrins of Coles Miller, Broadstone

We will not be drawn into that debate.

We’re more interested in the important legal warning this case sends out: getting divorced is only half the story. It does not stop your ex from coming back for more money 20 years down the line.

Don’t just get divorced. Get a clean break order. They’re not the same thing – so make sure you get both. Do it right. Get a full and final divorce financial settlement.

Or you could regret it in years to come.

Our divorce solicitors sometimes see people who wrongly believe they have gained a full and final settlement simply by ticking a few boxes on their divorce petition. They have not.

Part of the problem is that more people now represent themselves in court. They can’t get Legal Aid. They can’t afford a solicitor – or assume they can’t.

The reality is that you can’t afford not to have a solicitor when it comes to divorce. The stakes are high.

So get expert legal advice – or you could risk leaving a potentially expensive loophole for your ex to exploit in years to come.

For more information on divorce and clean break orders, contact Coles Miller Associate Solicitor and Mediator Richard Perrins, head of the Family Department, on 01202 355698.

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