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Head And Brain Injury Solicitors Support ABI Week13th May 2014

by Adrian Cormack on 13th May 2014

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Coles Miller is supporting Action for Brain Injury Week (May 12-18 2014) – a vital campaign which is drawing attention to the impact of government cuts to healthcare and welfare.

Victims of head and brain injuries are among those clients who most need our help. The effects of their injuries can be extremely severe.Adrian Cormack Partner Coles Miller

And yet 48 per cent of head and brain injury victims have seen their benefits and rehabilitation services cut, according to research by the charity Headway.

Coles Miller personal injury Partner Adrian Cormack is the chairman of trustees of Headway Dorset which is this year celebrating its 21st anniversary.

Charities such as Headway are increasingly having to fund the shortfall in care caused by government cuts to local authority rehabilitation services.

Headway Dorset has also successfully helped hundreds of brain injury victims to appeal against cuts to their benefits.

But speed is vital in every case – the time limit in which to appeal is only 15 days.

This strict time limit means the dice are already loaded against head injury victims struggling to understand the complex benefits system.

Many cannot cope with complex forms. For some, their first knowledge of the benefits cut is when the money does not arrive as expected.
Coles Miller is helping brain injury victims by:

  • assisting them with claims for compensation to help fund their care
  • referring them to Headway Dorset for advice and support on how to cope with life after a serious head or brain injury
  • fundraising through events such as this Friday’s Hats4Headway Day (May 16 2014) and the Headway Dorset Golf Day sponsored by Coles Miller (September 26 2014, Canford Magna Golf Club).

Please help Headway Dorset and the other Headway branches by supporting their local events and initiatives.

For more information, please contact Coles Miller personal injury partner Adrian Cormack, 01202 673011. For further on how Headway Dorset supports people affected by brain injury, visit www.headwaydorset.org.uk

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