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What Mediation Week (January 11-15 2016) Means For You15th Jan 2016

Splitting up is more complicated if you’re not married: the law treats you differently.

Property and finance issues can take longer to resolve in court if you’re cohabiting rather than married.Richard Perrins Partner Coles Miller

But there is a solution - mediation. It keeps the matter out of court. So your split is:

  • faster
  • cheaper
  • less stressful
  • less painful for the children.

January is dubbed ‘Divorce Month’ by the media. The month is notorious for its high numbers of post-Christmas breakups.

No coincidence then that Mediation Week (January 11-15 2016) takes place now to help mitigate the impact.

One positive trend our divorce solicitors have spotted this year is that more people are phoning us directly to ask about mediation - instead of waiting to be referred by solicitors.

It means the message is getting through. It means more couples can be helped with mediation.

Instead of having to struggle through court the old way.

Coles Miller family law solicitor Richard Perrins is a highly experienced mediator. He is based at our Broadstone office.

Phone or email Richard Perrins for expert and sympathetic advice on divorce, separation and civil partnership dissolution.

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