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Eternal Vigilance Against Medical Negligence31st Jul 2013

by David Simpson on 31st Jul 2013

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Our solicitors for medical negligence helped clients gain £203,845 in compensation in June and July.David Simpson Partner Coles Miller

So they know all about the NHS and its care issues. They have seen some very harrowing cases.

But lately things seem to have got worse. Day after day, one damning headline after another:

  • Medical negligence claims rise by more than 20 per cent
  • Hospitals worried about paying compensation for medical negligence use loopholes to block enquiries
  • Overburdened nurses forced to ration care
  • 11 hospitals placed in special measures following the Keogh report into standards
  • NHS Direct wants to pull out of 111 phone service contracts.

The price of good healthcare – like freedom – is eternal vigilance. And not just by politicians and regulators but by patients and their families.

Years ago, a leading figure in UK healthcare summed it up with this example…

If you talk to the average friend or relative visiting a patient, they will usually sing the praises of the doctors and nurses: “They were wonderful, all busily running around.”

Here’s the catch: the doctors and nurses were not running around because everything was well. But because something had gone wrong.

So next time you’re in a hospital visiting someone, watch for subtle warning signs. Things that seem unusual. Not quite right. And note them down.

Do not be afraid to ask questions. Do not assume that everything is routine. It may not be.

Worried about the standards of treatment and care that you or your loved ones have received in hospital or at a GP surgery? Contact Coles Miller and ask for our clinical negligence solicitors.

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