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Minor Injuries Can Mean Major Medical Negligence Compensation7th Feb 2017

by David Simpson on 7th Feb 2017

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Even so-called ‘minor’ injuries can lead to major compensation claims if they are not treated properly.

Anyone who has suffered a knee, wrist, ankle or shoulder injury will know how painful and debilitating these supposedly simple conditions can be.Medical negligence solicitor David Simpson, a Partner at Coles Miller in Poole

They can ruin your life – hitting not just your work and your earnings but also all the hobbies and pastimes you took for granted. Everything that made your life special.

You can claim compensation for this ‘loss of amenity’.

£350,000 Compensation For A Knee Injury

Only this week Coles Miller secured a £350,000 settlement for a Somerset farm worker after the operation on her left knee went badly wrong.

The 30-year-old mother-of-two suffered pain and very restricted movement because of a series of errors by the hospital.

She used to be a successful self-employed dairy worker earning £36,000 per year. Now she earns virtually nothing. She gets no state benefits. Her debts are piling up at a rate of £1,500/month.

And it’s not just her work that’s been hit. She can no longer walk her dogs, ride horses, wear high heels, go kayaking or go to the gym. Dancing with her friends? Those days are over.

What If Your Injury Stops You From Working?

Builders, tilers, plasterers, electricians, decorators, tree surgeons and other tradespeople can all suffer significant loss of earnings if they are injured and not treated properly.

They rely on being strong and fit because of the physical nature of their jobs. Getting injured is bad enough – but medical negligence by the GP or hospital can make the situation far worse.

Are you suffering and losing money because your doctors and surgeons failed you?

You can claim for loss of earnings, expenses – and also for any future earning opportunities now lost because of your injuries.

You could claim significant damages if you are no longer able to do your normal job.

What If Your Quality Of Life Has Been Affected?

Loss of earnings is not the only thing you can claim for.

Under the law, you could be entitled to compensation for pain, suffering and ‘loss of amenity’ (like the dairy worker who can no longer ride horses or walk her dogs).

You may need special care. Someone to do all the household chores that you no longer can.

You may also need disability adaptions to your home – or other special equipment to help you cope with daily life.

And all because the NHS (or a private hospital) bungled what should have been a simple minor procedure.

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